Luxembourg cannot be taken into account in the index, due to its particular situation as a financial centre.


Compared to last year, there are as a whole only a few changes in the Top 10 of the International Business Compass 2018. There is no change in the first four places. Places one and two are still occupied by the highly developed city states of Singapore and Hong Kong, followed by Switzerland and the Netherlands as the best European countries. Ireland has gone up two places and now occupies fifth place, above all due to its low level of unemployment and lower national debt ratio. The Scandinavian countries in the Top 10, Denmark and Norway, therefore both go down one place and now lie in sixth and seventh place, above the slightly improved United Kingdom. The rest of the Top 10 is made up of the re-entrants Canada and Australia. Canada leaps three places, from No 12 to No 9, due to improvements in all three markers. Australia was able to gain slightly in the politico-legal marker, above all due to a better score with respect to labour freedom. By contrast, Germany (-4 places) and New Zealand (-3) have fallen out of the Top 10. In both cases, this fall in the rankings is not due to any noteworthy changes in the index score, but rather are they an effect of the especially close scores in this part of the rankings. Overall, the predominance of the OECD countries in the leading rankings is again striking this year. As previously, Singapore and Hong Kong are the only non-OECD countries to feature in the Top 20.

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