Luxembourg cannot be taken into account in the index, due to its particular situation as a financial centre.

The winners and losers 2016

In 2016, Malawi and Kosovo are the two countries making the greatest leap forward in the IBC ranking. Both could improve their positions by 20 places. In case of Kosovo, this development is due to improvements in all three pillars of the IBC. In case of Malawi, it is mainly driven by gains in the economic and societal indicators. With Cape Verde and Namibia, there are two more African countries among this year’s biggest winners. They improved by 18 and 14 positions, respectively. Moreover, Mongolia also leapt by 14 places.

Not surprisingly, the Ukraine represents the biggest loser in this year’s ranking. This country has dropped 41 places compared to last year, due to a worsening in all categories. This is primarily  a result of the political crisis and continueing civil war in the Eastern part of the country. For the economic indicators, the drop is observed to be especially significant. The African countries Lesotho, Mauritania and South Africa are also found among the biggest losers. Lesotho has lost ground with respect to the political, Mauritania with respect to the societal and South Africa with respect to the economic conditions. Furthermore, Azerbaijan has dropped 14 places due to a deterioriation of the societal indicators.

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